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Often, certain special possessions can act as reference points to  past experiences.  As such my paintings attempt to evoke a feeling of tenderness and honouring of the beauty of past relationships.  The paintings are symbolic of a longing or a remembering of something or someone that one has lost or been separated from.


Revisting personal objects can take us back to a moment in time…a beautiful fleeting moment.  However, my paintings are also symbolic of a state of transition. While there are challenges and losses, there are also dreams, yearnings and excitements.  The forging of new relationships and homes.    While everything is in flux, there are so many possibilities.  The possibility of new beginnings.

A Change in Direction,  Oil on canvas , 1200 x 1100mm              

Mother and Son - A beautiful dance , oil on canvas, 1200 x 1100mm                                 


The Wind is Perfect       1200 x 1100mm                 

Mother and daughter               


Follow the Sun                                                                                                                             

A Gentle Landing                    

When She Writes Poems          


Mountain Music         

Grace. Oil on canvas

Opening, Oil on canvas                         

A New Tommorrow    

The Navigator      

Broken Pieces                                                       

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