Recent Works

At the moment, I am exploring the interplay between light and shadows, a common theme in many of my artworks.  Shadows give dimension to the landscape on a psychological level.  The shadows take us through morning to dusk, from the softness of light to the bright intensity of the fullness of the sun.  The shadows give us a resting place and a hiding place but they also unwittingly illuminate and bring focus to other objects.  It is this simple harmony that I seek in the completion of a painting.

Elsewhere, Oil on canvas, 2100 x 1100mm .        Sold

The Nature of Time, Oil on canvas, 1200 x 1100mm          Sold

Still Life with Shadows, Oil on Linen, 560 x 560mm .        Sold

Eucalypt Shadows, Graphite on paper

Before I Wake,  Oil on canvas, 700 x 700mm .         Sold

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