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 Luminous Dark

Julie Stoneman is a well known Tasmanian ceramicist and painter.  When I visited her in her home, I was immediately drawn to her large ceramic vessels. I was particularly drawn to the solidness and strength of her ceramics, yet the delicate washes of ochres and umbers were in  beautiful harmony with the curves and feminine nature of the vessels.  They reminded me of the landscape, the resilience and the vulnerability, the shadows and the light.  i used some of her vessels as a basis to my "Luminous Dark" exhibition at the Colville Gallery.  It is a wonderful thing to explore the work of another artist's work so intimately and over a period of time. 

I Run

The forest is dense

And dark


Cello deep


A twisted labyrinth

Of shadows

Obliterating shapes


The moon in her blackness

Reveals nothing


Footfall thud

Of my heart


A trigger snap

Of a twig


I run

Katherine Perrott 2022

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